8 Things That Happen When You Don’t Wash Your Hair Enough

published on Mar 16, 2016

Basic hygiene dictates cleaning one’s self, a shower at least perhaps once in 24 hours? Or as need be? Women spend a massive amount of time and effort in order to make themselves look perfect but most of these efforts are disproportionate since the face gets the maximum leverage and there maybe bo...

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10 Reasons Why You Are Still Suffering From Acne

published on Jan 05, 2016

Acne. One word; four letters. Without it, life is sunshine and rainbows; with it, life is an endless slideshow of irritable moods and gloomy days. The struggle is real, we know. The frustration of photo brushing selfies, the pain of hosting a pimple party on your face, the fires of jealousy burning ...

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4 Traditional Practices For Great Hair

published on Dec 28, 2015

Hair care is essential in any woman’s beauty regime, as it enhances her overall persona. Traditionally, it was simple because the environment around us was less polluted. Back then, it was limited to just simple oiling of hair that kept its health intact. While today, we have to place extra car...

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