• 5 New Hair Colors To Try This Spring

    Herbalista | published on Mar 16, 2016

The haute couture that all women love dictates that your looks are just as important as the rest of you. And unlike several other features of your life, changing your look every once in a while is just a welcome phenomenon. The easiest way to do this of course is to change the way your hair is set up. A new hair style, cut or colour is sure to attract attention. Of course when choosing a hair colour it is very important that you know and pick a reputed brand!

5 New Hair Colors To Try This Spring

Vatika Naturals Hair Color Creme offers a range of attractive, rich permanent colors which have been developed with select natural ingredients for a nourishing colouring experience. It comes with everything that you may possibly need to fix your hair with a good colour for the spring time.

  • 100% grey coverage
  • 30 minutes development time
  • Natural-looking colour results
  • Post-colour , hair feels incredibly soft, shiny!

Why not go for a hair colour that leaves your hair with something more than just the colour?

Here is a list of a few colours that are a spring time favourite from the Vatika Naturals Hair Color Creme family:

5 New Hair Colors To Try This Spring

  • Light Brown: This colour is an all-time favourite but looks yummy during the spring time especially. The goodness of almonds in this creme colour helps nourish and strengthen hair while you color to give silky-soft, shiny hair. So wait! Dual benefit? Now don’t wait!
  • Blue Black: This colour looks very charming on fair skinned people and is the perfect change for the spring time. It contains herbal ingredients such as Blackberry and Black Olives. Blackberry is traditionally known to deepen black colour. Olives help to nourish and strengthen the hair follicles.
  • Browns: This is a few shades darker than the light brown version discussed before – Medium Brown. It contains extracts of Castor which promotes hair growth. The Dark Brown variant by is obtained from Coffee Bean extracts. You can choose between the more suitable brown for your skin tone.
  • Deep Red Brown: This colour is comes from the goodness of Beetroot and Pomegranate. Beetroot provides a healthier scalp whereas Pomegranates are a source of colour as well as nourishment for the hair. The deep red brown shade match with the intensity of the spring season too, how great is that!
  • Intense Red: This is a bold choice but perfect for the spring season too. It is a great variant for blondes and brunettes. In the spring the vibrancy of the colour here adds to the beautiful weather. It is created by a good mix of the extracts of Hibiscus flower and Pomegranates. The former provides colour and the latter protects damaged hair from losing moisture.

Now get immersed in the mesmerising colours of nature! #colorfearlessly

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