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    • 11 Rules To Always Follow For Healthy Hair!

      Wanting luscious hair is something that every woman dreams about! And why ever not? When you have healthy hair, you can create so many different looks for yourself with ease, whether it is the girl next door or a style diva! Then of course it’s a n

    • 10 Easy Ways To Get Your Body, Skin & Health On Track!

      There might not be any fountain of youth but the way you take care of yourself can prevent age lines from showing. Processed food, toxins and stress accelerate aging. You need all the help from the right nutrients to fight the damages that have been

    • 7 Surprising Herbs & Spices You Should Add To Your Diet & Why?

      In the recent times, many a doctors have announced that a balanced diet is the key to avoid diseases. Whether it is skin care or hair care, all of them can be managed through a better and a balanced diet. What is obvious is that including foods like

    • 6 Hair Problems You Can Self-Diagnose & What To Do About Them

      It happens with several women when they, one day, out of the blue, notice hair problems. You may have had good hair length and all of a sudden the ends may look dry and broken. Or there could be breakage which exceeds what you have ever seen before.

    • How to Remove Plaque & Prevent Tartar Buildup?

      You would have noticed a thin layer of yellowish substance on your teeth and gums. This is known as plaque. It is formed by the bacteria in the mouth mixing with proteins and other food products. When not washed off immediately and thoroughly it form

    • How to Battle a Bad Skin Day!

      There is just no use saying otherwise because every person has a bad skin day ones in a while. Although it is important to deal with the short term problem (of combating the bad skin day) it also makes sense to look and clean out a few habits which m

    • 7 Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

      It is not necessary that you have to use conventional methods to grow your hair faster. Right, natural methods are equally effective. A few minor changes in your routine like eating healthy and you will be able to see gradual improvement in your hair

    • 9 Things You Don’t Realize Are Giving You Whiter Teeth

      You always hear this from your dentist of what cause cavity and how you lose your white enamel. The habit of having coffee daily, bad eating habits, smoking, etc. may take away your million dollar smile. One remedy to get the pearly whites back is to

    • How To Make A Breakout Invisible In Less Than 1 Hour!

      It’s right there on your face and you cannot overlook anymore. No one likes having a pimple on the face, but the truth is, that it is a normal skin condition that most people face. Yes, it’s no medical emergency, so calm down and stop thinking of

    • Workout Without Leaving Your Bed!

      Sometimes even the biggest fitness fans wish for a change, have a day in, when you don’t HAVE to go to the gym. The reason for this could be anything from the heat, rain or snow outside, or just being lazy to walk to the gym, or you may just have n

    • 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Suffering From Acne

      Acne. One word; four letters. Without it, life is sunshine and rainbows; with it, life is an endless slideshow of irritable moods and gloomy days. The struggle is real, we know. The frustration of photo brushing selfies, the pain of hosting a pimple

    • 4 Traditional Practices For Great Hair

      Hair care is essential in any woman’s beauty regime, as it enhances her overall persona. Traditionally, it was simple because the environment around us was less polluted. Back then, it was limited to just simple oiling of hair that kept its health

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