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    • 11 Rules To Always Follow For Healthy Hair!

      Wanting luscious hair is something that every woman dreams about! And why ever not? When you have healthy hair, you can create so many different looks for yourself with ease, whether it is the girl next door or a style diva! Then of course it’s a n

    • 7 Super-Easy Girl Hacks For Looking Good!

      Girls want to and know how to look pretty all day and that too every day! Hours are spent on the perfect hairdo, gorgeous nails and makeup that is done in accordance with the occasion. Girls are up for anything when it comes to beauty. Here are som

    • 7 Easy Ways to Fix Any Bad Hair Day

      Bad hair days can become a nightmare for any woman with a busy schedule. And, they have an uncanny ability to show up on all important occasions. Nobody wants to spend hours in the shower trying to straighten that last strand of stray hair, but, some

    • 8 Things That Happen When You Don’t Wash Your Hair Enough

      Basic hygiene dictates cleaning one’s self, a shower at least perhaps once in 24 hours? Or as need be? Women spend a massive amount of time and effort in order to make themselves look perfect but most of these efforts are disproportionate since the

    • 5 New Hair Colors To Try This Spring

      The haute couture that all women love dictates that your looks are just as important as the rest of you. And unlike several other features of your life, changing your look every once in a while is just a welcome phenomenon. The easiest way to do this

    • 6 Hair Problems You Can Self-Diagnose & What To Do About Them

      It happens with several women when they, one day, out of the blue, notice hair problems. You may have had good hair length and all of a sudden the ends may look dry and broken. Or there could be breakage which exceeds what you have ever seen before.

    • 7 Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

      It is not necessary that you have to use conventional methods to grow your hair faster. Right, natural methods are equally effective. A few minor changes in your routine like eating healthy and you will be able to see gradual improvement in your hair

    • Make Your Own Dry Shampoo Naturally!

      Do you know the secret of those long, shiny hair that is enviable? How do they get the perfect hair? You don't need water or a blowout to guarantee a good hair day. Here is a little secret - Use homemade dry shampoo which is quick and very easy to ma

    • A Ready Guide on How to Stop Hair Fall & Baldness

      If you've noticed a few hairs on your pillow in the morning, in the drain during your shower, or on your shirt throughout the day, don't be alarmed. Hair fall is one of the most common problems faced today. The good news is that it is now possible t

    • Product of the Week: Hair Smoothening

      Silky and smooth, straight hair is never really out of fashion because what looks good is here to stay! Recently there are a horde of products that assure permanent straightening, salons that charge an arm and a leg to give you the perfect permanen

    • 14 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

      Did you know that the people that include a lot of coconut in their diet are proven healthier than the people who do not? The combination of the good fats and health benefits make the people that consume coconut at one of the least risks for heart

    • 11 Homemade Hair Masks to Moisturize Your Hair This Winter

      Winter is that lovely time that you want to spend with family and friends indoor. With warm soups and hearty meals, the conversations become lovelier. But the winters always have a way to show on your hair. Dry and limp hair problems are accentuated

    • 4 Traditional Practices For Great Hair

      Hair care is essential in any woman’s beauty regime, as it enhances her overall persona. Traditionally, it was simple because the environment around us was less polluted. Back then, it was limited to just simple oiling of hair that kept its health

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