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    • 10 Easy Ways To Get Your Body, Skin & Health On Track!

      There might not be any fountain of youth but the way you take care of yourself can prevent age lines from showing. Processed food, toxins and stress accelerate aging. You need all the help from the right nutrients to fight the damages that have been

    • 5 Simple Tips For Getting A Good Night's Sleep

      Women always have so many things going on at the same time, don’t they? It can get hard to keep all the balls in the air and then hope to get a good night’s sleep. It is important for people with busy schedules to be disciplined when it’s time

    • 7 Surprising Herbs & Spices You Should Add To Your Diet & Why?

      In the recent times, many a doctors have announced that a balanced diet is the key to avoid diseases. Whether it is skin care or hair care, all of them can be managed through a better and a balanced diet. What is obvious is that including foods like

    • 5 Fantastic Fitness Escapes for People Who Hate Winters

      Winters are the best time for fitness freaks to enjoy a great workout and feel the heat from within. So what if you are amongst those that do not like the winters very much? In that case this is the perfect time to take that sun-soaked holiday. There

    • 7 Quick Workouts To Strengthen Your Core Every Day Of The Week

      Every New Year, resolutions to lose weight, gain body strength and develop a strong core are made and forgotten. But what if someone were to tell you that doing all of the above will take you less than 20 minutes a day. Yes it is equivalent to the ti

    • Workout Without Leaving Your Bed!

      Sometimes even the biggest fitness fans wish for a change, have a day in, when you don’t HAVE to go to the gym. The reason for this could be anything from the heat, rain or snow outside, or just being lazy to walk to the gym, or you may just have n

    • Cavities Are Contagious! Who Knew?

      You either already know it or must have definitely heard, how a common cold can be passed from one person to another. But did you know that cavities, too, can be passed from person to person? Yup, the scary answer is that it can be passed around (ugh

    • Which Fruits & Vegetables Will Help You Get A Glowing Skin?

      "Spots" are something that women start getting from their teenage. About 20% of women in their 20s and 30s have spots and acne. Of course everyone wants to get rid of those marks. They’re caused due to stress, hormonal changes or for any other reas

    • What Your Skin Is Doing While You Sleep

      These days the race to attain beauty has made beauty creams a routine for every person. There are companies that sell chemical filled products to be applied at all times of day and night which will miraculously vanish all your problems. Thankfully

    • 7 Foods That Clear Your Complexion

      When thinking about radiant skin, a clear complexion is an absolute must. It can be anything from getting rid of blemishes, acne, scars or flaky skin. It is an accepted truth, you are what you eat. Whatever goes in your mouth is reflected on your fac

    • 5 Ways to Prevent Onset of Dental Cavities

      One of the most unfortunate problems to deal with is tooth ache. Cavities, being the most common teeth problem, can happen to absolutely anyone (with teeth)! Tooth decay, in simple words, is the destruction of the external and internal layers of th

    • 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Suffering From Acne

      Acne. One word; four letters. Without it, life is sunshine and rainbows; with it, life is an endless slideshow of irritable moods and gloomy days. The struggle is real, we know. The frustration of photo brushing selfies, the pain of hosting a pimple

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