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    • Home Remedies For Preventing Bad Breath

      Anyone who has felt bad breath knows how it can hit one's confidence. Bad breath is not necessarily caused by not taking care of basic oral hygiene, but also certain medical conditions, gum diseases, smoking and eating foods with strong odors. It can

    • How to Remove Plaque & Prevent Tartar Buildup?

      You would have noticed a thin layer of yellowish substance on your teeth and gums. This is known as plaque. It is formed by the bacteria in the mouth mixing with proteins and other food products. When not washed off immediately and thoroughly it form

    • 9 Things You Don’t Realize Are Giving You Whiter Teeth

      You always hear this from your dentist of what cause cavity and how you lose your white enamel. The habit of having coffee daily, bad eating habits, smoking, etc. may take away your million dollar smile. One remedy to get the pearly whites back is to

    • Cavities Are Contagious! Who Knew?

      You either already know it or must have definitely heard, how a common cold can be passed from one person to another. But did you know that cavities, too, can be passed from person to person? Yup, the scary answer is that it can be passed around (ugh

    • 5 Ways to Prevent Onset of Dental Cavities

      One of the most unfortunate problems to deal with is tooth ache. Cavities, being the most common teeth problem, can happen to absolutely anyone (with teeth)! Tooth decay, in simple words, is the destruction of the external and internal layers of th

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