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    • 5 Fantastic Fitness Escapes for People Who Hate Winters

      Winters are the best time for fitness freaks to enjoy a great workout and feel the heat from within. So what if you are amongst those that do not like the winters very much? In that case this is the perfect time to take that sun-soaked holiday. There

    • 5 New Hair Colors To Try This Spring

      The haute couture that all women love dictates that your looks are just as important as the rest of you. And unlike several other features of your life, changing your look every once in a while is just a welcome phenomenon. The easiest way to do this

    • How To Make A Breakout Invisible In Less Than 1 Hour!

      It’s right there on your face and you cannot overlook anymore. No one likes having a pimple on the face, but the truth is, that it is a normal skin condition that most people face. Yes, it’s no medical emergency, so calm down and stop thinking of

    • Workout Without Leaving Your Bed!

      Sometimes even the biggest fitness fans wish for a change, have a day in, when you don’t HAVE to go to the gym. The reason for this could be anything from the heat, rain or snow outside, or just being lazy to walk to the gym, or you may just have n

    • Make Your Own Dry Shampoo Naturally!

      Do you know the secret of those long, shiny hair that is enviable? How do they get the perfect hair? You don't need water or a blowout to guarantee a good hair day. Here is a little secret - Use homemade dry shampoo which is quick and very easy to ma

    • Winter Skincare Must-haves

      Winters are a dream come true for the truly romantic at heart. What a lovely picture to be snuggled in a cosy blanket perhaps in front of a fireplace and sipping on hot chocolate? Whether this picture comes to life as often as one may like is a quest

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