• Workout Without Leaving Your Bed!

    Herbalista | published on Mar 15, 2016

Sometimes even the biggest fitness fans wish for a change, have a day in, when you don’t HAVE to go to the gym. The reason for this could be anything from the heat, rain or snow outside, or just being lazy to walk to the gym, or you may just have no time for a hearty workout. Yes, it is tempting to know that you can take an off from gym without losing out on anything. Like work from home, there is a concept of workout from bed!

Workout Without Leaving Your Bed

In fact, you can have a great workout by changing a few things in your sleeping habits. It hardly takes any time and you can decide whether to work out before sleeping or after waking up. The next question that would pop in your head is how on earth would you cover all the muscles groups, lying down? Read the answers below:

So what are these exercises and how to do them?

  • Lifting of Legs: This exercise is for buttocks. Lie on your stomach. Lift your legs and hold. If you have a spinal injury, do not try this exercise.
  • Lifts for the Upper Body: As the name goes, you need to lift your upper body till your torso while you lie straight on your back. 2 repetitions of 10 is good to start with.
  • Stretches: There are various types of stretches that you can perform. Take your knees closer to your body and hold for a few seconds. Another one is to stretch your upper body by taking a deep breath and moving the hands upwards and outwards. You can also try to crunch with your hands.
  • Neck Exercise: Roll your neck gently from left to right and back again with the help of your pillow.
  • Crunches: Touch your knees while you lie down. 5 to 10 crunches would be sufficient.

Although morning is the best time for this exercise, but one can always reschedule it according to their convenience. There is no particular harm in doing exercise before going to the bed or in the evening before or after the nap. The focus of these exercises is to strengthen your muscles not strain them. So a light warm up before popping into bed is a great way to start.

With this you can surely consider bed as a perfect place to exercise. Pillows on the bed can be used as props for the exercise. The spring in the mattress provides perfect resistance, thereby making the exercise even more effective. Slowly and gradually increase the repetitions just like the way you would have done at your gym.

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